coffee_beanscappucinoThis site has been prepared as a service to coffee lovers everywhere.

Its intention is collate practical reviews highlighting the key features and benefits of leading espresso machines and other coffee-making equipment so that potential buyers can make comparisons more easily.

While there is a large variety of brands available to choose from, readers will find that Italian brands such as Gaggia, Rancilio and so on tend to feature heavily. The range of brand reviews will increase over time, but why not start with some of the best sellers?

Visitors will also find reviews of the other most indispensible coffee making accessory – the grinder.

As people who are even remotely interested in good tasting coffee will know, the best coffee starts with freshly roasted whole beans that are ground to specific requirements  the instant before they are used in the best quality equipment you can afford.

We hope that the information provided in this site is of interest and value. Hopefully it will enable you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

If readers wish to make a purchase directly from this site, handy links to the websites of leading on-line merchants are provided.