Gaggia Baby Twin 12500

Gaggia Baby Twin

12500 Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Baby Twin 12500 Espresso coffee machine has been around for a few years and created a loyal fan base from all over the world. This espresso machine has all the qualities you’d expect of a traditional, respected Italian coffee machine manufacturer. Its twin boilers, one for steam and one for hot water is what distinguishes it from most others on the market.

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Gaggia Baby Twin Features

One of the first things you notice is the stylish and user-friendly electronic control panel mounted prominently on the front face of the machine. While the touch ring and its illuminated green buttons are reminiscent of the control wheels of mp3 players of a few years back, its buttons have a positive action to the feel and easily control 2 separate brew settings as well as hot water and steam functions.

A feature of the Gaggia Baby Twin is its programmable pre-dosing function. This injects a pre-measured shot of hot water into the filled portafilter, saturating the coffee and preparing it for the full brew that is about to follow. This pre-infusion step is designed to improve the overall flavor extraction from the coffee.

Like most of the Gaggia range of machines, the grouphead and 58mm portafilter are of professional quality, machined from marine grade brass then chrome plated for durability and a long life. Single and double shot stainless steel filters for ground coffee are supplied for the portafilter, as is a special filter to accommodate ESE coffee pods. Being double spouted means the portafilter can pour two coffees simultaneously.

A powerful 15 Bar pump drives the Gaggia Baby Twin espresso machine, which features two separate heating systems – the main boiler for brewing functions, and a thermoblock system for steaming. In conjunction with a 3 way solenoid valve that cuts pressure to the group handle immediately after the shot – this means that steam for milk frothing can be supplied without delay to the stainless steel turbo frothing attachment.

Whether your preference is for short espresso shots, long blacks, lattes or cappuccinos – or even a cup of hot chocolate or tea, the Gaggia Baby Twin has ample power and capacity to deliver them all quickly and efficiently.

The 60oz water reservoir is easily accessed by removing the lid; or simply remove the entire reservoir and carry it by its inbuilt handle to your water supply.

This espresso machine is finished in brushed stainless steel for modern good looks, easy cleaning and durability. The top of the machine serves as a cup warmer for your additional convenience.

Shipping Details

Weight is 18lb (8.2kg) and dimensions 15.7×9.6×10.4inches (40x24x26cms).

The Gaggia Baby Twin 12500 Espresso Machine is a fine quality, Italian designed and manufactured coffee machine that comes with a 12 month warranty. To purchase from Wayfair¬† – A Zillion Things Home (formerly CSN Stores), a trusted, A+ (Better Business Bureau Rated) on-line merchant who offers secure SSL encrypted PayPal or credit card payment options as well as a 30 day hassle-free returns policy, please order below. Save heaps off the manufacturer’s list price, PLUS receive a 2.2lb pack of premium LAVAZZA Super Crema Espresso coffee beans valued at $28 absolutley free.!

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